The Carnival Party - for your next children birthday party or other event!
The Carnival Party

 Searching for a new idea for your child's next birthday party ?

Hosting an event for kids or families at your school, camp,  or organization?

We can help make your next event GREAT!




Our Specialty as a Company:

 We bring the themed equipment, activites, music etc.

 We do all the set up.  We run the party and entertain your guests.

 You get the refreshments, take pictures and have fun!

 We have options for all events and all ages!

  The Carnival Party, LLC  services clients in RI, CT, MA, and areas of NY. 



Life Sized Candy LandMine Craft Party






 W e   h a v e   o p t i o n s   f o r   a l l   a g e s   a n d   e v e n t s  !

   Take a peek at our Carnival Birthday Party Youtube:


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Important information:

  • Due to the demands of event hosting, we do not take phone calls while working.
  • Cost of each event is calculated by TIME and FUEL.  If you wish for pricing, be certain you send us town, state.
  • We do about 300 events a year, but for certain "peak season" times of the year, we are often booked 4-12  months in advance. 
  • We give dates on a first come, first served basis.

  • Availability is current when requested, however it can change at any given moment
  • When requested, we will happily hold a date for a day while you decide on your options


Please send us an email ~ and we will get you your information as quickly as possible.

  • Type of event you are throwing- ie.  Birthday party? School Fun Day? Camp Event? ETC.
  • Expected age & number of participants ~ ie.  20 kids ages 4-9 years old   or maybe 200 adults?
  • Location (town, state) ~ This determines pricing so without this I am unable to calculate the cost of the event.
  • Approximate Date ~ We will let you know if we have availability.


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